Joachim Lambrechts

2 alligators resting on the shore after breakfast - blue

, 2021/2022
  • Material
    4-color silkscreen on 300gr handmade paper, hand-finished (text is handwritten with oil stick)
  • Production Method
    Produced exclusively for artflash
  • Edition Size
  • Measurement
    Papersize: ca. 58 x 65 cm
    Printsize: ca. 55 x 62 cm
    edition size 15 + 5 AP
    signed + numbered
  • Details about the frame
    Handmade, black stained and waxed maple wood frame, 10mm spacer bar, incl. normal glass, outer dimensions: approx. 60.2 x 67.2 cm, incl. rear hanging, dust-proof closed.
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About the editions

"2 alligators resting on the shore after breakfast" is the title of the 2022 edition created exclusively for artflash, available in sandy yellow or pastel blue. Joachim Lambrechts added this sentence by hand after printing with oil pastels (or oil sticks?), along with his signature. He often integrates text that reflects the humor of his work, describing what we supposedly see, but which also serves him as a formal, compositional structuring element. "Words often keep the painting in balance," he says, and sometimes they are almost as important as the subject itself. The two-dimensional flatness of the crocodiles - typical of Lambrecht's works - once again underscores the unselfconsciousness that underlies the process of creation. And his strategy works: We have no choice but to see in the serigraphy two crocodiles sated with breakfast on the coast, and to enjoy their sight with a smile!

about the artist

Joachim Lambrechts works without sketches. Unlike the huge murals that the artist – coming from the graffiti scene – realized as commissioned works throughout Europe before he devoted himself exclusively to the canvas. In spontaneity, the Antwerp-born painter (*1986) finds the necessary freedom for his creativity. The former drummer compares his handling of drum sticks to that of paintbrushes: simply and joyfully get going! Music is still a great inspiration for him today.

Works by Joachim Lambrechts are part of the Beth Rudin DeWoody Collection (USA) and the collection of The House of KOKO (London), among others.

Latest Exhibitions (Selection)

Works by Joachim Lambrechts will be on view at art Karlsruhe (July 7-10, 2022). In 2021, the "Allegro" exhibition at the Berlin branch of the Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery showed Lambrecht´s artistic work. "Facing the Sun" was the name of the group exhibition at Görne Castle in the same year, which also presented works by Lambrechts.

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