Anna und Bernhard Blume

Out of the series: "Trautes Heim" (Sweet home)

, 1985
  • Material
    Epson-Fine-Art Print, Galerie-Smooth-Paper (Illford)
  • Production Method
    Auf der Vorderseite von Hand signiert, datiert und nummeriert
  • Edition Size
  • Measurement
    Motiv: 60 x 39 cm, Blatt: 83 x 59 cm
  • Details about the frame
    Handgefertigter schwarz lasierter Holzrahmen, inkl. Distanzleiste 10mm, Außenmaße ca. 60,5 x 84,5 cm. Inkl. rückseitiger Hängeleiste, staubdicht verschlossen. Die Fotografie wird zusätzlich kaschiert.
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About the edition

In the photo series “Trautes Heim” (“Sweet Home”) (1985–1990), both the housewife and the household goods can be seen going haywire. First, the kitchen furniture goes flying through the air and then the wife off her chair. Dressed in her crudely patterned costume and housewifely curly wig, Anna Blume did, in fact, have to leap through her studio in Cologne in order to capture this seemingly supernatural shot. She and her husband Bernd Blume only employed simple safety constructions, ropes and mattresses for their frequently reckless stunts. The unusual camera angles and the blurriness of the images give rise to the apparent autonomy of the objects. The black and white photos in this edition (1986) are also from the “Trautes Heim” series. They stand out. They are not just the last images documenting a particular action, consisting of four photographs with swirling stacks of plates and Anna Blume stuck to the ceiling. They are also a vivid portrait of the artists themselves, filled to the brim with the irony so typical of Anna and Bernhard Blume. The photo series “Trautes Heim” was first shown to audiences in 1987 as part of a ceiling-high installation at the Portikus exhibition hall in Frankfurt am Main.

About the artist couple

Anna and Bernhard Blume are among the pioneers of staged photography. Their unmistakable photo stories are filled with humour, madness and irony. Their black and white images, inspired by both Dada and Fluxus, parody the life of the lower middle class. The artist couple first met in the 1960s while studying at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. They were both born in North Rhine-Westphalia in 1937 and spent most of their time in Cologne until Bernhard Blume’s passing in 2011. Their photo series make the madness of everyday life tangible. The artists are seen dressed in bland suits and dresses in front of the camera. The setting for their distorted imageries is the domestic environment, the kitchen, the living room. The couple doesn’t shy away from getting physical, either. Potatoes zoom through the air, vases balance on noses, Mrs Blume flies off her chair, dumbfounded. From time to time, limbs can be seen protruding from the ruins. In 1977, Anna and Bernhard Blume participate in documenta 6. In 1989, the two make their way overseas and the Museum of Modern Art, New York exhibits their works. To this day, their photographs are displayed at domestic and international exhibitions alike, most recently in 2015 at the Centre Pompidou, Paris and at the Kolumba art museum in Cologne.

Latest Exhibitions (Selection)

2017 Galerie Heinz Holtmann, Köln
2016 Buchmann Box; Peter Freeman, Inc., New York
2015 "Anna & Bernhard Blume. La photographie transcendantale", Centre National d’Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou, Paris / "Anna & Bernhard Blume. Transzendentaler Konstruktivismus", KOLUMBA - Kunstmuseum des Erzbistums, Köln
2014 "Anna & Bernhard Blume - Im Wald", Buchmann Galerie, Berlin
2013 "Anna & Bernd Blume - Ein lebenslanger Fotoroman", Galerie Ute Parduhn, Düsseldorf
2012 "Die Brett-Bilder", Kunsthalle Bremen / "Anna Und Bernhard Blume - Das Glück Ist Ohne Pardon - Fotocollagen, Polaroids, Zeichnungen", art-consulting claus-dieter tholen, Bad Salzuflen
2011 "Anna & Bernhard Blume - Aktionsmetaphern", Buchmann Galerie, Berlin
2010 "Anna und Bernhard Blume - Metaphysik ist Männersache", PARROTTA CONTEMPORARY ART, Stuttgart / "Anna und Bernhard Blume - SX-70 Polaroids", Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris
2008 "Anna & Bernhard Blume - Reine Vernunft", Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart Berlin, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin
2007 "Anna & Bernhard Blume - Die Pioniere der inszenatorischen Fotografie werden 70", Dany Keller Galerie, München / "Anna & Bernhard Blume - 'de-konstruktiv' - Bilder aus dem wirklichen Leben", Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich
2006 "Anna & Bernhard Blume - de-konstruktiv - Bilder aus dem wirklichen Leben", Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund / "Frühe Photoarbeiten und Zeichnungen", Galerie Carla Stützer, Köln
2003 "Anna & Bernhard Blume - Das Glück ist ohne Pardon", Kunsthalle Göppingen / "Anna & Bernhard Blume", Buchmann Galerie, Köln / "Anna & Bernhard Blume - Wahrheiten müssen robust sein", Deutsche Gesellschaft für Christliche Kunst, München
1997 "Anna & Bernhard Blume - 6 Ideoplasmatische Portraits", Barbara Wien - Buchhandlung, Verlag, Galerie, Berlin / "Anna & ´Bernhard Blume", Dany Keller Galerie, München
1994 "Anna & Bernhard Blume - natürlich", Städtische Galerie am Markt, Schwäbisch Hall / Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY
1992 "Anna & Bernhard Blume - Zuhause und im Wald - Großfotoserien 1985-1990", Deichtorhallen Hamburg
1987 "Anna & Bernhard Blume - Trautes Heim - Fotos aus dem wirklichen Leben", Kunsthalle Basel / Portikus, Frankfurt a. M.
1986 Galerie Magers, Bonn

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