Michael Sailstorfer

P 99

, 2016
  • Material
    ceramic, wall-mounting out of metal
  • Production Method
    signiert und nummeriert
  • Edition Size
  • Measurement
    5 x 4 x 3 cm
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About the edition

A small but impactful piece: the “P-99” edition by Michael Sailstorfer from 2016 — named after the Walther P99, a semi-automatic weapon carried by police as well as James Bond. As the observer, we stare right into the muzzle of the gun, involuntarily stepping into a relationship with the object. Though we may not necessarily feel threatened by it, we certainly feel that it addresses us directly, and thus the ceramic piece triggers — in typical Sailstorfer-esque fashion — inimitable thoughts and emotions. The fact that our world is indeed a fragile one is something the artist already demonstrated with his “Rocket Trees”, where he blasted trees together with their trunks straight into the air, or, by contrast, with “Anti-Autumn”, which saw him reattach the fallen leaves of a tree back onto its branches over the course of several weeks. Michael Sailstorfer’s destruction and impermanence, however, always contain one additional element: poetry.

About the artist

Michael Sailstorfer did not even have a client yet when he realised one of his earliest works: He furnished bus shelters at bus stops in his Bavarian home town with beds, hobs, tables, chairs and toilets, calling his installation “Living with Transport Connection”. Yet, they already exhibit two key elements of his later workmanship: the passion for transforming everyday objects and humour. Michael Sailstorfer’s exhibitions have been displayed internationally since 2001. His works are in the collection of "Sammlung zeitgenössischer Kunst der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Bonn", part of the collection of the Frankurt based Städelmuseum or Centre Georges Pompidou. He is represented by König Galerie, Berlin and Gallery Perrotin, New York.

Latest Exhibitions (Selection)

Michael Sailstorfer wird von Johann König, Berlin vertreten. 2019 hat der 1979 in Velden geborene Künstler bei König in der St Agnes Kapelle, Berlin unter dem Titel "Sink, Sank, Sunk" Objekte gezeigt, die sich mit dem Thema Vergänglichkeit beschäftigen.

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